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Becoming Chavela Live at Don't Tell Mama NYC

"Everyone Wants to Know About
Me & Frida Kahlo​"


The 2020 Bistro Award Winner
for "Best Tribute Show"

Iconic Mexican singer, Chavela Vargas, a trailblazer who constantly broke the mold, was edgy in the 1990s and is totally relevant today because her story pushes so many hot topic buttons: gender issues, gay rights, immigration, and Mexican culture. Songs of lust and longing and stories of her friendships with Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Liz Taylor, and Pedro Almodovar will intrigue and entertain you. She is definitely a woman of substance.

  Opening Number-
   Yo Yo Chavela
  Borrego Springs          2024
 Florida Shows 
Your Observer Sarasota, FL weekly paper
Florida _edited_edited.png
Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland 
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, August 14 - August 24, 2023
  Songwriting Workshop     in Tuscany    
Songwriters taking a break  
In the kitchen because it's Italy 
The room where it happened 
The view from the terrace where we took our morning coffee



Nancy Sing-Bock, Facebook

It was an awesome show! It is my fourth time seeing it and it gets better and better.

Donna Goldstein, Instagram

We loved this show. It was the highlight of our stay in New York - poignant and powerful.

Mary Mitchell, Facebook

I am so glad to hear your show was well-attended and enthusiastically received! I know you were wonderful and I am so excited for you!

Enrique Santaella , Direct Message

Traditional songs that make you cry with joy in Stephanie's voice... I highly recommend it. As a Mexican, I enjoyed it enormously.

Barb Cerrone, Facebook

We loved your show! You are so very talented.

Kim Omae, Facebook

It’s amazing every time I see Becoming Chavela live. You’re an absolutely beautiful woman. You’re my inspiration!

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